originalForced to return to the nightmare of her childhood home, Becca discovers a mysterious typewriter that had been her late father's obsession... "A is for Alacrity, Astronauts and Grief" appears in the anthology Temporally Out Of Order, published August 2015 by Zombies Need Brains. Available at Amazon in both paperback and kindle, and at Barnes and Noble in paperback.


After screwing up her very first mission out in the black, Lyssa and her emotionally distant crewmates encounter an impossible structure hidden on an asteroid. But is it the vanguard of an invasion, or something even more tragic?

"And We Have No Words To Tell You" appears in the Alien Artifacts anthology by Zombies Need Brains, available at Amazon and other retailers.

Adrift in space, what do you do when there are only hard choices before you?

Read it for free in issue 33 of Fireside Magazine.

On a planet of breathtaking beauty, a group of colonists are building a new civilisation. But life out here is far stranger than they imagined, and building their new world has a terrible price.

Available in the January 2016 issue of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.

In a city that's as much forest as it is supercomputer, one man desperately searches for his lost child, while an even greater threat silently descends upon them all.

Available in the anthology The City of the Future, by SciFutures at Amazon.