The upgrade is mostly-sort-of-kinda complete. That is, the essentials are done, and the site should function mostly-as-advertised, though some components had to be removed in the meantime, because there wasn't an upgrade path for them (read: the devs didn't bother to make a new version compatible with the new version of Joomla, so I had to remove those extensions or the migration would bork). Hence where my comments disappeared to (sad panda) and my sitemap (not a huge loss, for this site).

If you find anything fundamentally broken, please do let me know. I've checked things, but there are just SO MANY things that broke and were fixed and rebroken and jury-patched as I did this upgrade that I've likely missed some. My bio page has information on how you can get in touch.

(Edit: Oh, if it's broken in anything earlier than IE8, I really don't care. Not supporting that. I had to convert this template over to the new format, and reading through all the snarky, often-sweary comments for my million-and one IE-only CSS hacks reminded/reconvinced me not to bother supporting broken browsers.)

I say mostly-done, because there are some changes I want to make, both content-wise and design-wise, so they'll be happening as we go along--this is why this upgrade was a patch-together job, rather than a slow-and-steady get-it-perfect business. I'm going to find a new extension to handle my comments, and try out some other concepts I want to play with on this site, and I have a complete CSS-redesign slowly moving through the pipeline that will hopefully make this site a lot faster to load, as well as being a visual update. I like the design I have now, but I think it's time to move on--especially as this site is now going to be serving more than one conceptual master.

Thank you for your patience. Regular posting will hopefully resume soon.